Assistive care application development and device management

Application development for pioneering assistive technology company, Enabling Me.

We increased performance and management of SMS-based assistive care devices with privacy and reliability front of mind.

Care sector device management

Enabling Me’s primary requirement was better visibility of device usage, allowing them to understand which users may not be utilising the full benefit of the critical service.

Zendesk Integration

We implemented a service desk to handle tickets generated by users and devices. By integrating Zendesk with the application, the client is able to easily manage and maintain patient and device records.

TextMagic SMS integration

This project wasn’t without its challenges, with the connected devices communicating by SMS through the 2G network, which can be affected by adverse conditions.

The challenge

Enabling Me had demonstrated proof of concept with the Touchbase project and whilst they had developed good working practices, they needed to systemise those practices to keep service provision manageable as they grow.

The Touchbase product is the first of its kind, and is a daily lifeline for many. By putting a reliable system in place, Enabling Me could ensure that the overall service would live up to the standards of wellbeing that they strive for across their assisted living network.  

Desired benefits of an improved system included better reporting and increased visibility of all devices, allowing the organisation to make better decisions. Automating a number of functions could not only save time, but enable future scalability. Data privacy risks could also be reduced by centralising and securing data storage.

Our approach


By listening to our client’s concerns and understanding the invaluable work they do within the community, we were able to set key areas for improvement that not only advanced the internal performance of the system, but provided a more reliable service to users too.


OnlyExcel’s 12-week development cycle ensured minimal downtime for Enabling Me, and our agile approach to the project enabled us to work in mini-sprints as we completed tasks such as SMS and SIM integration, third-party APIs, and essential reporting features.


As a browser-based application, we were able to utilise the power of OnlyExcel’s standard app framework. This not only gave us the ability to customise the design for our client, but also ensured cross-browser and cross-device compatibility, whether desktop, tablet or mobile.

Quality assurance

UAT (user acceptance testing) was a three-week process during which we thoroughly tested the application, its performance, and its functionality with third-party applications. Once we had confirmed the system was ready for use, we delivered training to the eager Enabling Me team.

The result

Our redesign, redevelopment and redistribution of this entirely new system has allowed Enabling Me’s invaluable service to shine. In a world where care, safety and security are a number one priority, the organisation and its residents are reassured by a robust and reliable system that puts wellbeing first.
  • Confidence around standards of care have been resorted, with devices throughout the community being fully visible with the addition of essential remote access 
  • Staff are able to pull reports dependent on their level within the organisational structure of the business, whilst a dashboard provides clear information and performance indicators
  • On-demand mass messaging can be used for essential service announcements across the network
  • Third-party applications such as Zendesk can now communicate with the application via API, facilitating a quicker and more coordinated response to helpdesk tickets
  • Integration with GetAddress provides instantaneous postcode data so that staff can look up an address when required
  • Privacy, GDPR and safeguarding of data is now a key priority not only on a system level, but across individual devices too
  • Automated functions have drastically reduced administrative tasks within Enabling Me, unlocking time and resources across a number of teams

Client testimonial

“We worked with OnlyExcel to create something bespoke for us. What we found was, quite simply, freedom. We could manage, report and work our own way and not the system’s way. Since that first creation, we have adapted and added, but we retain control over our project management and that has saved time, money and a lot of frustration.”

Elis, Founder

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Custom serialised inventory management system

Smartphone displaying ecommerce page with dashboard on screen behind

Inventory management system (IMS) for a mobile phone ecommerce business.

We transformed our client’s inventory management, facilitating growth, productivity and profitability.

complex inventory management

Properties such as IMEI, condition and history made each item unique, which was a challenge for standard systems. We created a custom IMS to handle these properties.

Advanced VAT reporting

International sales meant that multiple VAT schemes, such as VAT margin, needed to be taken into account. Our systems ensure tax is calculated and reported accurately.


Driving growth through automation

The web app we created massively reduced admin times and allowed them to scale up business activities with minimal additional administrative burden.

The challenge

Our client is one of the UK’s most trusted used mobile phone suppliers, sourcing stock from individuals and bulk suppliers, before selling them via their own platform (WordPress WooCommerce) and third-party platforms, including Amazon, eBay and OnBuy.

Inventory was being managed in an Excel spreadsheet where data was being updated manually or by CSV, occupying many hours of administration time. Some of these elements had been automated with limited success using a desktop application and the cloud-fulfilment platform, Veeqo.

A new system would utilise automation wherever possible, and enable multiple users to work simultaneously. Key information reporting on individual phones would allow accurate calculation of VAT at a product level. Finally, the solution must provide accurate fulfilment information and work seamlessly with all the relevant ecommerce platforms to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our approach


We spent some time up-front looking at reasons why their third-party systems and website integration weren’t communicating, and proceeded to prototype suitable algorithms and workflows in a spreadsheet model.


Due to the critical business need for these systems, our work was treated as urgent, and we were able to replace many of the processes with our initial 12-week development cycle. Once this MVP was in place, we were able to integrate more platforms and develop additional features.

Data migration

We oversaw safe data migration from the existing systems to the new platform, and reconciled issues between their existing website and third-party platforms.

Quality assurance

Rigorous testing by our QA team involved manual and automated functional tests, alongside the client’s own user acceptance testing. Data audits ensured that all platforms were synchronised, giving us the opportunity to make code adjustments where necessary.


The result

Since our implementation of the new system, our client is feeling the benefit of time and cost savings throughout the business. This efficiency not only accelerates various processes throughout the company, but increases productivity and profitability.
  • Staff no longer locate orders on a spreadsheet manually, and the business has estimated that they are saving an hour of admin every day
  • An additional hour was saved by removing the requirement to list products and set prices manually
  • Automation reduced the risk of human error in the fulfillment of orders, and mitigated the danger of corruption or failed updates
  • The new system enables phones to be processed in super-fast time. The moment they are logged, they are immediately listed for sale
  • Better accessibility to key metrics has taken accounting and reporting above and beyond original requirements
  • Stock data can be accessed in real time, and individual phones can be tracked to examine their repair and usage history

Client testimonial

“We were working in different systems and spreadsheets which was time consuming and data would get mixed up. The custom software OnlyExcel created has made a huge difference. Now I’m more focused on business strategy than daily tasks; I’m delegating more responsibility; things are getting done quicker and I’m even getting more time off and planning in some holidays!”

Elis, Founder

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Assistive care application development and device management

Application development for pioneering assistive technology company, Enabling Me. We increased performance and management of SMS-based assistive care devices with
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Water company sales and service software

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Water company sales and service software

Water company sales and customer service software

Modelling in Excel helped us to create a highly effective web app, enabling our client to grow from a start-up to £5.0m+ annual turnover.

Web application helped Water and Waste Services company, Brightwater, grow from a start-up to £5.0m+ annual turnover

afflitiates Estimate management

Affiliate sales portal facilitated a controllable and scalable sales model with hundreds of sales partners

Automated and integrated systems

Bringing sales and service processes into a single system improved workflow and reduced administration

Bespoke service desk / ticketing system

Allowed more efficient handling of customer queries and requests

The Client Challange


Brightwater was created to build on the opportunities created
when Scotland’s commercial water and wastewater supply services were deregulated and opened up to competition. To be successful, suppliers must support consumption efficiencies and offer competitive quotations whilst maintaining profit margins.


Initially Brightwater wanted a tool that could integrate the Market Data Set (MDS) for over 200,000 supply points across Scotland. It had to enable a large sales force including both direct employees and an affiliate network, to create competitive, consistent and accurate estimates while delivering a sufficient margin for the company and controlling confidential data. Rules on the margins that could be offered differed for the partners and utilities brokers, who act as sales agents and introducers for Brightwater, and inhouse sales and support teams, who sell directly, so access to the tool needed to be tiered. 


We also had to allow for anticipated follow-on development. Accelerating
business growth would require Brightwater’s operational processes to be
systemised and digitised in a similar way, to support effective service delivery at scale.

Our Approach

We place great importance on getting the brief right at the outset and we always spend time fully understanding the business and stakeholder needs.

Phased approach

We took a phased approach to ensure rapid roll-out and relief of priority pain points. Meanwhile, we spent time considering the organisation’s long term needs so we could future-proof development and keep lifecycle costs down.

Complex modelling

By modelling complex cost calculations and margin rule algorithms in Excel, we could help define and agree the parameters that would need to be used in the application. This ensured the tool would perform well in user acceptance testing and that the outputs would match expectations.


With a system involving such complex calculations and workflows, testing is critically important. In addition to our own testing processes, we provided early access to a staging environment so the client could fully test features before deploying the application.

The Outcome


Supported by the sales application, Brightwater grew from a start-up business in Februrary 2016, to a supplier with 4,750 premises under management and a turnover in excess of £5m by Feb 2021. The results of our professional partnership have led to a long term and ongoing relationship.

Improved operations

We went on to develop a coordinated suite of software tools that allowed them to switch from managing their accounts across a series of synchronised spreadsheets to a single, co-ordinated, workflow system. This allowed them to systemise more of their processes, driving up efficiencies and ensuring that they comply fully with the strict regulatory requirements for water and wastewater service operations.

Enhanced communications

The system features a bespoke ticketing system that ensures requests are carried out within given timeframes and allows tasks to be completed by any available, authorised, member of the Brightwater team. This ensures that faults are reported quickly and efficiently. Meter reading and reporting is also monitored within the set timescales and the system reconciles these with billing procedures.

Client testimonial

"We were really impressed by the professionalism and thoroughness with which the OnlyExcel team approached our estimating tool, and the web app they built has performed brilliantly in the field. They took their time to fully understand our business model, key drivers and our core principles, so it was only natural that we’d engage them again to further develop the platform - optimise our efficiency and performance by consolidating functionality into a single system. What they have created has helped make us one of the most efficient and competitive independent water services companies operating in Scotland."

Quotation app for national cleaning company

Quotation app for national cleaning company

Sophisticated quotation app for national cleaning company

Creating an efficient quotation tool using Laravel to expedite the sales process and enhance profitability.




We developed a quotation app using Laravel which allowed sales teams to generate highly professional proposals in a fraction of the time it had previously taken.



Using a cloud-based app ensured that quotes were consistent across a large national network and delivered maximum competitiveness while protecting margins



The client described the tool as “a game changer” allowing improved control of the quotation process and standardising sales teams’ approach to profitability.

The Client Challange

Spotless Commercial Cleaning operates a network of commercial cleaning services across the UK. It employs over 1400 people providing professional services to industrial, office, retail, government, education and hospitality and leisure premises. They wanted to develop a single, quotation tool that could provide up-to-date estimates for contracts that would ensure that proposals were consistent, competitive and efficient to deliver.

Margins are tight in this industry and individual requirements are often very specific, so it was important that the tool could handle complexity and deliver the correct margin on every aspect of the services being provided.

The bespoke nature of quotations for specific commercial premises was challenging for salespeople drawing up quotations who found it was occupying a significant proportion of their working day. This was impacting the time they had to prospect for new business and limiting growth.

The client wanted a tool that was user-friendly for sales teams and capable of generating professional, branded estimates in real time . Available SCADA

Our Approach

By working closely with the client to understand the complexities of their current quoting procedures and charging structures, we developed a clear picture of what was required.

We realised that the most efficient way to achieve their goals would be a bespoke, cloud-based, app that would allow sales people to input the information on whatever device they were using at the premises they were quoting on.

The app would prompt them through the quotation process, ensuring details such as numbers of staff working at the premises, its location, areas of the building covered by the contract to ensure that all the key parameters affecting the quote were included. It also allowed for add-on services and supplies to be added to the quote with up-to-date margins automatically built-in.

We developed the new cloud-based app using Laravel with an easy-to-use interface designed in line with the Spotless brand.

This can be accessed on mobile, tablet or computer and allowed sales staff to build quotes as they were surveying the relevant commercial premises.

At every stage of the process, margins were built in and these can be revealed to the client so they could fully understand the charging structure.

The app allowed central sales teams to monitor the process of quotes as they were being created and for professional proposals to be issued directly to clients once all the required procedures had been completed.

The Outcome

The client described the new tool as “a game changer”.

It slashed the amount of time required to assemble a quote and enabled sales teams to improve productivity and provide their clients and prospects with quotations much more quickly.

The tool helped sales teams to produce quotes that were highly competitive without cutting margins to the quick helping to drive up new business while maintaining profitability.

Sales staff reported that the tool was far easier to use than the system they had used in the past and allowed them to work more flexibly and effectively.

It facilitated centralised control of margins, the ability to adjust these at short notice when necessary and clearer visibility and overview of sales activities on the ground.

The tool also prompted estimators to offer a wide range of supply items, such as toilet paper, hand sanitiser etc., within the estimate, which helped improve the profitability of contracts still further.

Event management web app

Custom Events Management App

Event management web app

Giving one of the UK’s premier B2B events companies better visibility across its business.



We developed a web app that addressed shortcomings in the client’s existing management and reporting systems. It allowed real-time tracking if individual projects streamlining the flow of information to the senior management team

Project profitibility reporting

The web app enabled managers to improve the accuracy of financial reporting for each individual project and rationalise existing systems.

integration to Xero Accounts app

We created a fully-integrated platform connecting project operations with the client’s accounting system allowing them to automate invoicing and record keeping.

The Client Challange

The client is a highly creative and successful business events specialist. They deliver innovative business conferences and exhibitions to awards ceremonies and launches both within the UK and internationally. Consequently, every project is bespoke with a wide range of variables across multiple locations. Keeping track of each individual projects was a real challenge.

They did have event management software but it couldn’t do everything they wanted and they were having to operate it in tandem with spreadsheets.

The client wanted to be able to segment projects down fully so they could accurately establish the profitability of each individual event. They wanted a system that would allow them to bring all their activities and reporting onto a single platform to avoid inputting data multiple times.

Accruals are a major factor in the sector as most events are paid for in advance and the client wanted to ensure these were fully managed as part of their new system.

And, finally, they wanted a system that would allow them to have real-time visibility of planned revenue, actual revenues and profit. The industry’s professional body has set standards for margins which differ for in-house time and third party costs so the new system had to take account of this.

Our Approach

To establish exactly where they felt their reporting needed improvement, we engaged with key stakeholders. Over the course of three weeks we worked closely with them, unpicking the existing systems to identify precisely where the problems lay. A key part of this preparation process was recognising the many strengths of the old system.

We were then able to build a web app that delivered all that they liked about the old system but added new reporting functionality and created a single platform that worked seamlessly with their Xero accounting system.

It allowed them to track revenues against specific events and we developed functions that allowed their workforce to record timesheets when they were working in the field (quite literally, at some outdoor events).

Because the app connected directly to their accounting system, time and expenses could be logged as they were incurred and linked to specific events.

To streamline reporting still further, we created a dashboard that could report in real time on planned and actual revenues and gave a clearer picture of profits, taking full account of accruals.

The Outcome

The web app significantly improved reporting, enabling clearer management oversight of KPIs, finances and time at a much more granular level than before. This allowed the leadership team to identify those events where profitability was being compromised and make adjustments to address weaknesses and improve future efficiencies.

Reducing the need to transfer data across systems and spreadsheets greatly reduced admin times and increased the accuracy and speed of reporting, keeping the management team on top of events as they were happening.

By moving from Excel, the system allowed greater control of user permissions so information was only seen by those authorised to do so.

The client was delighted that we succeeded in ironing out their reporting issues and, by working in close partnership with their accountant, we had fully retained the strengths of the system we replaced.

Meal Delivery Web App

Delivery app on mobile phone

Bespoke Meal Delivery Web Application

Back office task automation, customer self service and billing platform

Mobile friendly web app reduced overheads by 80hrs per week


Mobile Friendly Web App

Made it easier for customers to buy meals and edit their preferences


Automated Meal Algorithms

Replaced the need for manual meal planning


Planning and Reporting

Reduced prep times and food wastage


Third party software integration by API

Connections to Stripe car payment software, and postcode lookup software by API

Client Needs

A healthy bespoke meal prep company, with a rapidly growing business in London, the team was creaking under the volume of manual administration in spreadsheets, emails, and Word documents. They needed to reduce their administration burden to make the business scalable.

The Challenge

The team had limited availabilty to work on the project due to overwhelm as a result of manual customer management and back office administration processes taking up all their time.

Our objective was to automate as many tasks as possible including customer communications, creating customer eating plans, producing food labels and information sheets and planning ingredient orders, kitchen prep sheets and compiling delivery information.

The Solution

Because of the pressing administrative burden and the complexity of the end requirements we took a two phased approach, to relieve pressure from the team immediately before implementing a long term solution.

We began by automating many of their existing processes using VBA in Microsoft Excel. This reduced administration by about 40 hours per week and freed up the operational team’s time and resources to work on the next phase.

Next we replaced spreadsheets entirely with a mobile friendly web app on our Laravel based framework, that made it easier for customers to pay by card for their services (using Stripe API), reduced administration and kitchen overheads by a further 40-60 hours per week, and reduced food wastage by around 50%.

Streamlined processes put the business in a position to franchise and scale.

Back Office Web App For Fencing Manufacturer

Web App for Fencing Manufacturer

Back office software for bespoke fencing company

Touch friendly task management for workshop ‘tough pads’


Phased development approach

Each phase of development designed to pay for itself through benefits to the bottom line


Tablet friendly task management

Live information in the workshop on touch-friendly interfaces designed for tablet screens


Business intelligence reports

Profitability, productivity, inventory and projected revenue reporting


Third party software integrations by API

Integration with Xero and Google Maps software via API

Client Needs

A bespoke fencing manufacturer wanted a better overview of business performance, reduction in manual administration processes.

The Challenge

The client had tried and tested sales techniques and proven quality ways of working, however growth meant that producing and managing sales quotations, workshop job sheets, and customer invoices had become time consuming and frustrating.

The team wanted to try automating their existing processes in small chunks of development, with the each successful implementation returning savings that would fund the next stage.

The Solution

We began with a recipe-based sales quotation system with a workflow designed to match their own.

Instant margin calculations supported effective sales negotiations, improving conversion rates. Automated job sheet production meant that the workshop team had a clear list of tasks from the moment a sale was confirmed.

As the company continued to grow and benefit from the system we added further modules for:

  • sales CRM and revenue projection;
  • stock inventory planning;
  • Xero accounting software integration by API;
  • touch pad friendly task management for the workshop;
  • intelligent delivery planning using Google maps API;
  • work scheduling modules to save on delivery costs.