A bespoke web application for a startup delivering healthy meals to customers.

Including innovative back-office task automation, a customer self-service portal and a built-in billing and invoicing platform.

The brief

A healthy London-based bespoke meal prep company were seeing rapid growth, and as a result, the team were creaking under the volume of manual administration in spreadsheets, emails, and documents. They needed to reduce their administration burden to make the business scalable.

A mobile-friendly web app

An all-new web app made it easier for customers to buy meals and edit their preferences, all from a quick and lightweight application in the smartphone's browser.

Automated meal algorithms

Clever algorithms helped customers with meal planning. The automated service replaced the need for manual planning, with the results based on users' preferences.

Third-party software integration

We connected the business to invaluable postcode look-up software, as well as the Stripe API, allowing them to take multiple payment types from customers remotely.

The result

Our two-phase approach meant that we could relieve pressure from the team immediately before implementing a long-term solution.

We began by automating many of their existing processes using VBA in Microsoft Excel. This reduced administration by about 40 hours per week and freed up the operational team’s time and resources to work on the next phase.

Next, we replaced spreadsheets with a mobile-friendly web app on our Laravel based framework, that made it easier for customers to pay by card, reduced administration and kitchen overheads by a further 40-60 hours per week, and reduced food wastage by around 50%.

Overall, these streamlined processes put the business in a position to see immediate growth in the shape of franchising and scalability.

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