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Case studies

We design and build applications that make work easier, save you time and make you money. Take a look at some of our recent projects.

Transforming a 37-year-old fabrication business with quotation automation

We saved time and improved efficiencyfor AIM Group – a busy steel and pipefabrication company in Falkirk, Scotland.

Full service digitisation for an international Pokemon trading card business

We enabled BLG's digital transformation by optimising processes, modelling algorithms and improving workflow.

Sales and customer service software for a B2B water services company

Excel modelling helped us to create ahighly effective web app, enabling ourclient to grow from startup to £5m+.

Inventory management system (IMS) for a mobile phone ecommerce business

We transformed our client’s inventory management, facilitating growth, productivity and profitability.

A sophisticated quotation application for a national cleaning company

We created an efficient quotation tool using Laravel to expedite the sales process and enhance profitability.

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