Sales and customer service software for a B2B water services company.

Excel modelling helped us to create a highly effective web-based application, enabling our client to grow from a startup to over £5m annual turnover.

The brief

Brightwater wanted a tool that could integrate the Market Data Set (MDS) for over 200,000 supply points across Scotland. With a large sales force made up of Brightwater employees and affiliates, the tool needed to provide competitive, accurate and consistent estimates whilst protecting margins, which often varied by different partners and brokers. We also needed to ensure that the tool could adapt as the business grows to deliver its service at scale.


A customised affiliate sales portal facilitated a controllable and scalable sales model with hundreds of sales partners and brokers.


We brought sales and service processes into a single system, improving the overall business workflow and reducing onerous administrative tasks.


Our work enabled more efficient handling of service requests and tickets, such as customer queries or requests from existing clients.

The result

The sales application contributed to Brightwater’s incredible growth, from a startup business in February 2016 to a supplier to over 4,700 premises in 2021. With a turnover in excess of £5m, we’re proud to say that our partnership has led to substantial, long-term results and an ongoing relationship with our client.

In addition, we developed a new suite of software tools that allowed Brightwater to consolidate their accounts from a series of spreadsheets to one coordinated workflow system. This improved efficiency and helped in ensuring their compliance with strict water and wastewater regulations.

“Our business has benefited substantially from our relationship with OnlyExcel. They understand what we want, they deliver it quickly, and speak about it in terms that we can understand. No job is too big or too small.”

Tom Barberton, Managing Director, Brightwater