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Workflow management across several ecommerce services.

We consulted our client on workflow for a number of services that we built for their busy ecommerce business.

Process mapping & automation

Several complex and codependent tasks comprised our client’s ecommerce business. After a successful project mapping these tasks and dependencies, we designed a digital workflow to improve effectiveness.

Credit control

A key part of the order workflow is credit control. In some cases, money may be due or owed depending on the status of the order, so it was crucial that this was made clear during the order processing process. By integrating multiple payment services into the system, customers can be assured that orders are made safely and securely and the client is assured that they will be paid on time.

Order-specific split payment methods

By listening to the client and taking a holistic view of the entire order process, we were able to identify internal pain points where we could have the most impact. This included replacing some legacy systems that didn’t meet the client’s needs such as the ability to split payments based on the ordering of goods and services.

The project

Building a full suite of ecommerce features for our client has released their sales potential, improved efficiency and created the opportunity to scale.

Taking the time to truly understand their business was vital to the design of systems that would have maximum impact; intergate front and back-end features in a way that supported the business needs; and to create room to evolve and grow.

The result

  • Faster and more reliable ecommerce front-end
  • Clearer customer journey
  • Split orders and payment methods by goods and services
  • Increased revenue opportunities through add-on sales
  • Order workflow management to improve tracking and speed of order processing
  • Room to grow and add new features as the business evolves

Client testimonial

“The team got to know us, our business and our ways of working. They listened, provided helpful input and automated many of our processes to get us ready for volume, and allow us to focus on growing the business. Whilst custom software is quite a technical undertaking, we felt well informed and in safe hands at each stage and are happy with the outcome of a brilliant series of projects.” John Parker, Director, Black Label Grading

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