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Utilities brokerage app

Improving reporting and control for leading B2B utilities broker.



We created a web app that helped the client improve reporting and forecasting and drastically cut administration times taken up managing spreadsheets.


The client was able manage their contract information much more effectively, use algorithms to provide more accurate forecasting and integrate this information with their accounting systems.


As the business had grown more successful, administering all their spreadsheet information had become onerous and this was leading to inefficiencies. The app we developed, helped them to substantially reduce the amount of time required to keep track of all their contracts and analyse their data.

The Client Challange

One of the UK’s fastest-growing commercial utilities consultants – was becoming the victim of its own success. A burgeoning customer base meant increasing numbers of contracts were being managed and monitored using manual process and spreadsheets. This was leading to ever increasing amounts of admin time being spent keeping track of these and transferring data from them into their monitoring and accounting systems.

Forecasts and risk assessments in this sector require nuanced analysis of contract information which the spreadsheets couldn’t readily provide and this was making it increasingly difficult to provide accurate business projections.

The client wanted to find a way of managing contract information that would ensure that information connected seamlessly with their accounting systems. They wanted it to allow selective visibility across their sales, management and finance teams. And they wanted to be able to carry out detailed analysis and risk assessments allowing for complicated contract variables.

Our Approach

Our first tactic was to examine precisely how the spreadsheets were being used. We interviewed the financial director, operations and sales team to determine exactly what would be required to streamline handling of the information and improve the quality of reporting that each stakeholder required. 

By centralising the data and digitising processes we reduced the amount of data being transferred across systems. This reduced the risk of information going astray and ensured that month-end figures, income levels and revenue projections could be viewed more accurately and quickly.

One of the key complexities of the business is that accounts which are cancelled early, incur “clawbacks” on the commissions paid by utilities suppliers. We created an algorithm that could accurately weight clawback liability across the entire portfolio improving the precision of forecasting and further reducing administration times and commercial risk.

With role base user permissions we enabled sales staff to access their own accounts, to check contract status, documentation and commission levels while management could actively track their sales performance.

The Outcome

The automated reporting and analytics functions of the new systems give the client clearer overviews of performance, liabilities and dependable revenue projection. This enables the company’s leadership team to adopt a more dynamic management style and make more aggressive decisions, confident in the underlying assumptions.

The system also gave sales teams enhanced visibility of contract details and ensured that compliance paperwork was monitored more effectively. It eliminates bottlenecks in reporting between sales and operations. The sales consultants benefit from significantly improved access to information and full transparency over their commission structures.

Having proven the effectiveness and future proofed the system design from the outset the client is ready for the next phases of development including compliance management and integration to other applications.