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Transforming a 37-year-old fabrication business with quotation automation.

We saved time and improved efficiency for AIM Group – a busy steel and pipe fabrication company in Falkirk, Scotland.

The brief

AIM came to us with a concept of how they wanted their business to function on an operational level, specifically around sales and order processing. The business also wanted to digitise much of their internal processes to allow them to spend less time on paperwork and more time fulfilling sales and preparing orders.

Raising quotations with ease

With a simple, connected process from estimation and quotation to job sheet production and profitability reporting, the team is able to spend less time on admin, raise more sales quotations and ultimately close and deliver more business.

A proactive, collaborative relationship

AIM and OnlyExcel built a strong and open relationship from day one, which allowed us to truly understand their business and the challenges they were facing.

Unblocking business bottlenecks

We quickly identified areas within the business where tasks are piling up, requiring excessive human intervention or where things were simply more complicated than they needed to be.

The result

Quotations are now turned around in rapid time with AIM on track to produce 270% more quotations year on year. This increase is reflected in AIM’s bottom line,  thanks to a significant increase in sales.

“We look forward to working with OnlyExcel in the short, medium and long-term future. This will certainly be a long-standing partnership with AIM Group.”

Blair McDonald, Managing Director, AIM Group UK