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Sophisticated quotation app for national cleaning company

Creating an efficient quotation tool using Laravel to expedite the sales process and enhance profitability.




We developed a quotation app using Laravel which allowed sales teams to generate highly professional proposals in a fraction of the time it had previously taken.



Using a cloud-based app ensured that quotes were consistent across a large national network and delivered maximum competitiveness while protecting margins



The client described the tool as “a game changer” allowing improved control of the quotation process and standardising sales teams’ approach to profitability.

The Client Challange

Spotless Commercial Cleaning operates a network of commercial cleaning services across the UK. It employs over 1400 people providing professional services to industrial, office, retail, government, education and hospitality and leisure premises. They wanted to develop a single, quotation tool that could provide up-to-date estimates for contracts that would ensure that proposals were consistent, competitive and efficient to deliver.

Margins are tight in this industry and individual requirements are often very specific, so it was important that the tool could handle complexity and deliver the correct margin on every aspect of the services being provided.

The bespoke nature of quotations for specific commercial premises was challenging for salespeople drawing up quotations who found it was occupying a significant proportion of their working day. This was impacting the time they had to prospect for new business and limiting growth.

The client wanted a tool that was user-friendly for sales teams and capable of generating professional, branded estimates in real time . Available SCADA

Our Approach

By working closely with the client to understand the complexities of their current quoting procedures and charging structures, we developed a clear picture of what was required.

We realised that the most efficient way to achieve their goals would be a bespoke, cloud-based, app that would allow sales people to input the information on whatever device they were using at the premises they were quoting on.

The app would prompt them through the quotation process, ensuring details such as numbers of staff working at the premises, its location, areas of the building covered by the contract to ensure that all the key parameters affecting the quote were included. It also allowed for add-on services and supplies to be added to the quote with up-to-date margins automatically built-in.

We developed the new cloud-based app using Laravel with an easy-to-use interface designed in line with the Spotless brand.

This can be accessed on mobile, tablet or computer and allowed sales staff to build quotes as they were surveying the relevant commercial premises.

At every stage of the process, margins were built in and these can be revealed to the client so they could fully understand the charging structure.

The app allowed central sales teams to monitor the process of quotes as they were being created and for professional proposals to be issued directly to clients once all the required procedures had been completed.

The Outcome

The client described the new tool as “a game changer”.

It slashed the amount of time required to assemble a quote and enabled sales teams to improve productivity and provide their clients and prospects with quotations much more quickly.

The tool helped sales teams to produce quotes that were highly competitive without cutting margins to the quick helping to drive up new business while maintaining profitability.

Sales staff reported that the tool was far easier to use than the system they had used in the past and allowed them to work more flexibly and effectively.

It facilitated centralised control of margins, the ability to adjust these at short notice when necessary and clearer visibility and overview of sales activities on the ground.

The tool also prompted estimators to offer a wide range of supply items, such as toilet paper, hand sanitiser etc., within the estimate, which helped improve the profitability of contracts still further.