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Bespoke inventory management software

Keep track of stock versus goods in and goods out without breaking a sweat.

Inventory management is the process of tracking stock from ordering and shipping through to storage, sales, dispatch and even return.

Good quality IMS will manage all of this, whilst talking to other business systems, and is a crucial part of any online retail or wholesale business.

How can Inventory Management software help?

  • Automating stock replenishment to avoid excess or shortage of stock – important for time-sensitive or perishable goods
  • Reducing time spent on manual processes by integrating with accounting and e-commerce systems
  • Keeping your customers informed from the moment their order has shipped to the exact time of delivery
  • Enabling expansion into new product lines and markets

What type of IMS does my business require?

As with many types of software systems, inventory management software packages are often designed with features tailored to specific requirements. That’s our speciality: bespoke software for busy businesses. This can include:

Serialised inventory

Complete visibility of your stock, down to individual items, no matter where they are in the supply chain.

Ecommerce integration

Sell your goods across a broad range of online marketplaces thanks to integration.

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Use barcodes or QR codes to track stock as it progresses through your supply chain, store or warehouse.

Banking integration

Stay up to date with automatic bank reconciliation and go international with multi-currency invoicing.

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Powerful analytics

Generate reports from the historical data of your business to gain insight and anticipate future demand.


Handle VAT calculation and even HMRC's newly-required Making Tax Digital VAT submissions.

Mobile access

Access key information on the move. Check stock status, review reports and check finances – wherever you are.

Courier integration

Integrate with your chosen couriers for streamlined booking when it comes to shipping stock.

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We build bespoke inventory management systems for all kinds of clients.

Businesses are unique, yours included, which is why we tend to discourage our clients from settling for an off-the-shelf solution. A bespoke or custom inventory management system means that we can work together to tailor the software to your business needs.

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