Vacancy: VBA Developer and Spreadsheet Wizard

About you

Are you weirdly obsessed with spreadsheets? Do you want a flexible remote working arrangement that suits you?

If you regularly build crazy VBA tools that save you, your colleagues or clients lots of time, that anyone can use without specialist knowledge and without it breaking then you sound like our kind of developer!

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The opportunity: Part-time VBA developer and spreadsheet consultant

We are currently looking for a UK-based VBA Developer to join our team.

  • Flexible working hours – choose the times that suit you best, so long as there is some overlap throughout the week with regular working times.
  • 100% remote – no in-person meetings or commute (unless you really want to!)
  • Part time hours – contracted hours negotiable around 20hrs/wk
  • £28k-£39k pro-rata – depending on experience (roughly £14.30 – £20/hr)

About us

We are a software development agency in Edinburgh, Scotland. We specialise in creating bespoke tools and applications for SMEs, with a focus on business automation, problem solving and streamlining.

Our clients come from a variety of sectors, with a common thread being a need to replace their existing, often manual, processes with MS Office or web based applications. Deliverables range from technical documentation and fairly simple business tools, to complex, mobile-first management systems, often integrating with other web-connected products.
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The role

You’ll be involved in scoping projects and understanding the client needs, creating business tools, adding functionality to existing projects and supporting our web development team’s data requirements and quality assurance processes.

 Firstly, it’s important that you:
  • can communicate clearly while working remotely
  • write clean, readable code using sensible naming conventions
  • design with the end user in mind
  • enjoy reasoning with difficult problems and creating practical solutions
You must be able to demonstrate:
  • at least 1 year’s experience with VBA and Office Applications
  • awareness of user interface and experience design
  • comprehensive knowledge of:
    • userforms
    • collections, dictionaries
    • arrays
  • write efficient code for speed of operation
  • confident with data preparation, modelling and prototyping
  • testing your own work
 Experience with any of the following is a bonus:
  • Classes
  • Google Sheets
  • Sharepoint
  • Basic knowledge of SQL, HTML, PHP

What it’s like day to day

The role is particularly suitable for someone who is comfortable working on a range of projects.

  • Sometimes we’re building charts, graphs and reporting templates. 
  • Other times we’re importing huge datasets from third party systems that we don’t have control over. That data can be messy and so exception management and reporting is key.
  • Often we’re designing complex userforms to manage interlinked data tables within a user friendly interface. Think of it like a precursor to a database centric solution.
In addition to developing business applications, you may be involved in client calls that explore the project requirements, define the scope of works and establish the functional specification. You might also be asked to occasionally help out with other aspects of the business such as data migration and reporting tools.

How we work

We’re 100% remote with staff around the country, so we use Slack, Jira and the rest to keep up-to-date with each other. We typically work Monday-Friday but we’re flexible provided there’s some guaranteed overlap for regular meetings, virtual cups of tea and a chat.

We approach our clients’ projects with an open mind, so the same thing applies internally – we’re keen on suggestions for improving our codebase and workflows.

Application form

We gladly welcome applications from candidates of all backgrounds.

Remember you must be eligible to work in the UK. We do not accept applications from agencies, thanks.

Please complete the application form below, providing your CV, any helpful links such as code examples, and your availability. Don’t forget to tell us a little about yourself!

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