Expert Microsoft Excel Consultants

We love making it easier to run your business.

Save time and make more money with solutions that pay for themselves.

We love Microsoft Excel. It’s what we do.

Our expert Microsoft Excel consultants, based in Edinburgh, have the expertise to automate tedious and time consuming tasks so that you can, improve your operational effectiveness, reduce the risk of human error and most importantly: gain back your time.

We’re not just developers. Our specialists have the experience to understand your business needs and define solutions that will have massive impact.

We offer a no-obligation consultation to discuss how we can help your business and ensure an excellent return on investment. 

Save Time

Bespoke Excel applications, powered by VBA, will save you hours, days or weeks of time each month.

Improve Business Insight

Get more out of your data. Custom reports that give you better business intelligence to make decisions based on evidence.

Return on Investment

Armed with new insights and reduced overheads, use your resources to capitalise on growth opportunities.


Your Team of Expert Microsoft Excel Consultants

We’re fascinated by business processes and started from corporate operations backgrounds ourselves, so we love hearing about how you work and then using our expertise in Microsoft Excel to maximise your ROI.

VBA Developers

(Visual Basic for Applications)

We speak the language that Microsoft Excel does. Need to process complex data sets? No problem!  Need user friendly interfaces that help your team get the data in and out of your system and generate reports whilst preventing mistakes? We’ve got you covered!

A well executed Excel solution will have a clear and simple front end, with a VBA back end that saves you hours, days or even weeks of time each month.


Proven Excel Development Processes and Frameworks


Our consultants have completed Excel projects for SME’s and multinationals around the world, from the UK, to the US and Australia. Your business knowledge combined with our skills, experience and tested processes mean that we can identify opportunities to improve your business systems, reduce your pain and help grow your business.

We have a work methodology that has developed over hundreds of projects and constantly evolves to help capture the key information about your current situation, your pain points and your desired outcomes. Armed with that knowledge we will quickly develop effective solutions using combination of pre-existing VBA modules from our own framework and bespoke modules created just for your project.


Flexible Project Fees and Delivery Approach

We always like to chat about an Excel project first to understand your needs and can work to your budget or, if you would prefer, we can provide indicative project prices upfront. Some projects are straightforward while some take a bit longer, so we’ll discuss which method is likely to be best suited to your project at the start.

With smaller projects, we tend to either provide a fixed project fee before you make your decision or work on a day rate basis if preferred. 

For larger or more complex projects, we begin with a scoping exercise that captures knowledge from key stakeholders and prioritises needs in terms of business impact whilst considering your preferred investment level to ensure you maximum return for your investment. Work is then typically in completed stages, making it easier for you to get started. 

You will have ample time to test your solution and request alterations to ensure that you are happy that the end result meets your expectations.

Contact us to start with a chat about your project.


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