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Ace Media PR reporting in Excel

Customised PR reporting tool using exports from Ace Media



We created an interim tool that allowed the client to carry on using its existing sophisticated media software but produce more nuanced feedback to demonstrate their full value to clients.


While the reports the client wanted could be produced manually, this was time consuming and our tool enabled them to automate the process.



The new bespoke tool allowed them to produce uniquely detailed reports about the quality of the reach penetration of their campaigns.

The Client Challange

The client was already using Ace Media whose software offers a range of sophisticated PR reporting tools. This facilitated most of the reporting they required but a key part of their offering was a more nuanced approach to the results of their campaigns in which they score themselves on very specific criteria. Rather than simply reporting on the reach and penetration of their campaigns, they have developed ways to analyse the quality and depth of their impact.

They were keen to carry on using Ace Media’s products but were having to undertake certain aspects of their reporting manually and this was extremely time-consuming.

They wanted to find a cost-effective way to produce the specific reports they wanted without having to significantly reconfigure their current reporting arrangements.

Our Approach

At Only Excel we pride ourselves on our pragmatism and always strive to find clients the neatest solution to their problem. Where we can you find an off the peg solution, we will and we’re firm believers in the principle that it is not worth reinventing the wheel if it can be adapted to perform better. After working with the client to establish the additional detail they required to report and what was required to extract and analyse it from the data, we established that there was no existing tool that would meet their needs. We developed a bespoke algorithm that would create reports to match their precise requirements. Data was imported from Ace Media’s excel spreadsheets and used our algorithm to examine it for data exception and convert it into the charts and visual formats that the client required to present to their clients.

The Outcome

The new tool enabled the client to create highly sophisticated and in-depth reporting that helped differentiate them from competitors. Their ability to drill down into the quality of interactions and conversations that people were having about their client’s brands, enhanced appreciation of their offering and strengthened their relationships. 

But, perhaps most importantly, it didn’t require a costly upheaval reconfiguring their existing reporting processes. And, of course, it helped save considerable amounts of administration time which had been spent every month, manually processing the data.