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SCADA Reporting in Excel

Automation of SCADA Reporting in Excel for International Firm

Fast SCADA reporting and improved feedback using Excel


Automated SCADA Analysis

We wrote custom algorithms to automatically process the data produced by the client’s SCADA system and turn them into useful feedback reports.


Enhanced Language Usability

To allow the company to use the system in multiple countries we incorporated a language translation feature that allowed the end user to choose the language to be displayed on reports.


Speedy Delivery

This job required a fast turn-around (two weeks), and the client appreciated our quick response

Client Needs

An international fire training company wish to provide more detailed and immediate feedback to trainees based on SCADA outputs. With locations in 40 countries they also needed to provide outputs in different languages.

The Challenge

The client’s fire training simulators deliver intense live-fire training, replicating the heat and flames of a real fire emergency and allowing firefighters to battle situations they would find in real-world emergency situations. They capture real-time sensor data at millisecond level which is output to a SCADA SQL database.

This sensor data is then used to monitor how trainees are performing and to deliver feedback. Available SCADA reporting software was costly and not specific to their needs.

The Solution

Following an initial discussion period by phone, e-mail and remote screen sharing, we began with a prototype to demonstrate what could be done and to ensure that it had got to the heart of the client’s brief.

Next we developed a system in Microsoft Excel, using custom algorithms written in VBA, to automatically process the data produced by the client’s SCADA system and deliver:

  • dynamic charts and reports;
  • graphical representations of what was happening during a training session;
  • improved speed of feedback in the field.

As a result, the client could give much more immediate and usable feedback and analysis to its trainees – making training sessions much more engaging – whilst also saving on the cost of other SCADA reporting software.