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Excel Spreadsheet Experts

Unlock the power of spreadsheet capabilities with our range of services.

We give you back time to grow your business.

We love spreadsheets. It’s what we do.


We have the expertise to automate the tedious task of manually inputting and interpreting data in Excel so that you can improve your ROI, decrease the risk of human error and most importantly: gain back your time.  

Custom Excel Spreadsheets

Entirely bespoke, tailored to your business, budget, and specific needs.

Excel Consultancy

A team with the expertise to give you answers and implement solutions.

Data Management Systems

Automate manual processes with a streamlined, methodical approach.

Your Team of Excel Consultants

We’re fascinated by business processes and started from corporate operations backgrounds ourselves, so we love hearing about how you work and then using our expertise in Microsoft Excel to maximise your ROI.

VBA Programming

(Visual Basic for Applications)

We speak the language that Microsoft does so we can provide a comprehensive overview of just how far we can go to optimising your ROI. A bespoke VBA programming approach is one that puts the reins of your business firmly back in your hands, while we take care of the data.

Proven work processes that improve and evolve with your growth.


We have completed projects for SME’s and multinationals around the world, from the UK, to the US and Australia. With smaller projects, we tend to provide fixed project prices before you make your decision. For larger or more complex projects, we often work in stages of development, making it easier for our clients to get started. We always like to chat about a project first to understand your needs and can work to your budget or, if you would prefer, we can provide indicative project prices upfront.

Project Delivery

Some projects are straightforward while some take a bit longer, so your project manager will confirm the delivery phases with you at the start.

You will have ample time to test your product and request alterations to ensure that you are happy with the end result. During this time you can also make alteration requests so long as they do not significantly alter the agreed scope of work.




Edinburgh Office

+44 131 357 1983


One Lochrin Square

Edinburgh, EH3 9QA


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