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Thinking inside the box: workplace inspiration from my cat

My cat, Elphie, loves sitting in boxes. Ever since she was a kitten they have been comforting places for her to sit and think. Seeing her sitting there got me thinking too – where do we, as humans, go to think? Open plan workplaces are noisy and modern life is full of distractions; a barrage of […]

Get larger monitors to boost productivity – get lots of them

If you’re looking to boost productivity, either for you or your employees, get big monitors. Get lots of them. We see a lot of offices when we’re out in the field and while we run some pretty fast computer equipment, some of our clients have even faster kit…   and small monitors. One per employee. Computing […]

Sleep-in Calculations Keeping Care Sector Up At Night

Changes to NMW calculation rules are causing nightmares for sleep-ins in the care sector. OnlyExcel have been working with providers to pick up the slack where payroll software falls short.