EPOS Data Analysis in Microsoft Excel

Production of KPI reports from EPOS data exports for restaurateur.

Client needs

A US based restaurateur wanted to understand the effectiveness of their sales promotions.

The challenge

The existing EPOS system did not provide their desired data analysis functionality and the client was faced with a costly EPOS upgrade or replacement.

The solution

Data exports were available from the existing EPOS system in the form of .txt and .csv files so we created a user-friendly interface for importing and managing these files.

Using Excel’s programming language, VBA, the system compiles the daily exports into organised tables with useful KPI’s saving the client time and money and giving them the desired analysis.

EPOS data analysis in Microsoft Excel

Improved reporting

By compiling daily EPOS exports into useful tables of information we were able to create detailed reports on the effectiveness of restaurant promotional activity.

Simple interface

Building on our library of existing VBA modules meant that we could quickly produce a system that we easy for the restaurateur to use.

Cost saving

The owner avoided having to pay for a costly EPOS upgrade by getting more out of their existing data.

“Always great to work with, does a fantastic job every time! Will definitely order again in the future. Thank you.”

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