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CRM Database Cleanse

Pre-migration CRM database cleanse, formatting and validation

CRM database cleanse and UK phone number verification


Effective Migration

Cleaning and reformating the CRM database before migration ensured the successful upload of data to the new system.


Time Saving

Client received their clean data back within 2 days, saving them weeks of time trying to clean the data and check it for exceptions manually.


Better Quality Data

By removing data exceptions and matching contacts between companies we were able to identify company contact numbers for thousands of contacts with missing information.

Client Needs

The client wanted to migrate contact records between two CRM systems that required different data formats.

The Challenge

Before completing the data upload into the new system they first needed help to clean, verify and reformat the entries however with around 80,000 inconsistent contact records, it was too large a task to complete manually.

The Solution

After discussion by telephone we agreed a clear set of rules, logic and principles to apply to cleaning up the data including:

  • removing unwanted characters and symbols from phone numbers;
  • replacing +44 UK international dialling codes and preserve leading 0’s;
  • removing non-numeric entries;
  • removing duplicate numbers within each records;
  • verify phone numbers against UK geographic, non-geographic, mobile and premium dialling codes;
  • match clients by name and copy HQ phone numbers across where departmental entries were missing.

Our VBA developers used a mixture of our existing modules in our code library and custom code to complete the operation. By automating data cleaning processes and UK phone number verification in Excel (using VBA) we were able to provide a clean set of data to the client in a short turnaround of only two days allowing them to quickly migrate the system.