This month at OnlyExcel: Migration, automation and jubilation

It’s a tale as old as time itself: We’re so busy delivering business that we haven’t found the time to talk about our own. It’s been a productive year so far at OnlyExcel. We’ve welcomed new clients, new people, and even twins! Read Nic’s ‘Parentreptreneur’ blog series here.

Amongst the adventures of work and life, we’ve delivered some real problem-solving projects for our clients. If our own busyness has told us anything, it’s that organisations need tools and apps that make running their business a breeze. Thankfully, that’s what we do. Here’s what’s been keeping us on our toes:

Automated ecommerce listings

We worked with a mobile phone reseller to take valuable time and resources out of manual online listings. By building a custom web application, they are now able to automatically populate and publish eBay listings based on content that’s already in their database.

Sage Pay to Stripe migration

Our longstanding client, a successful fence manufacturer, wanted to make the switch from Sage Pay to the popular Stripe payment processor. We know a thing or two about online payments, data migration and finance systems, so we had them switched over and up and running without a hitch.

DocuSign and commission calculators

Real estate businesses are go-go-go, with lots of moving parts and many salespeople pulling together to keep things speeding along. DocuSign is a must for any business that wants to digitise paperwork and create a reliable audit trail. And with robust and reliable commission calculators, salespeople could easily work out their hard-fought earnings.

If you’re a business losing time to manual processes, or perhaps you’d like to migrate or digitise a part of your business, then give us a call. As you can see, we work across all industries and sectors and aim to make your business work better for you.

Get in touch.

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