Weather, widgets and winding down for Christmas

As 2024 rolls steadily closer, everything changes. Or maybe nothing changes at all? Dates are just dates, aren’t they? Even so, 2023 has been a fine year for OnlyExcel, but next year feels like it could be even better. We have a few tricks up our collective sleeve, and while we can’t reveal anything just yet, get ready for something big, shiny and new.

Meanwhile, we’ve been busy doing the things that we do. Namely, building business tools for our clients and helping them find better ways to run their organisations.

December can be a busy time for many companies, with fewer working days to get just as much work done, or key projects to deliver by the end of the year. This is where automation and digital transformation can really shine. Trust us when we say it can make the difference between hectic, last-minute, all-hands-on-deck panics, and a calm and orderly business that is always one step ahead.

Here are some recent examples of such work:

Weather service API for an amenity provider

If you work in amenities and facilities management, you’ll understand the effect that weather can have from one day to the next. By building one of our clients a weather API, they were able to add clear visibility (no pun intended) to their organisational systems to help them plan and predict how their days and weeks may look.

Project budget calculator for a PR organisation

Budget tracking is everything, especially in public relations, where projects can come thick and fast. We built a budget calculator widget for a successful PR organisation that needed better visibility of costs, resourcing and utilisation. The result is a more holistic overview of any given project at any given time and a more agile business overall.

Budgeting application for a care provider

Our client had an outdated and inefficient spreadsheet-based costing model. With over 1,000 data points, the legacy system was burning time and money. Through clever back-engineering, we were able to develop a new application that allowed them to provide restricted access to more people in the organisation, removing bottlenecks and greatly improving costing and pricing exercises.


All that remains to be said is a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope you’ve had a productive year, and here’s to the next one.

Let’s talk if you’re an organisation (of any size) looking for an easier time of it. We can help you optimise your processes and remove some of the burden from running your business.

Get in touch.

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