Improving cash flow and logistics. All in a month’s work.

We march into spring with a busy few months behind us. We’ve enjoyed several exciting problem-solving projects. There’s no greater feeling for us than tackling business owners’ challenges and ultimately giving them that “Ahhhh!” moment.

Sometimes it’s something as small as a simple software integration. Other times, it’s a deeper dive into their processes. Either way, we always rise to the challenge. Here’s what challenged us this month:


We significantly improved cashflow for a client

A growing client was keen to improve their cash flow as the business expanded, so helped them become more nimble and better protected from a financial perspective. We did this by adjusting their payment model and related systems from ‘arrears’ to ‘upfront’.

Any business owner will know the benefits that something like this can bring, but it’s not always so easy to implement, especially with so many legacy payment systems still in heavy usage. The win here? Vastly improved cash flow and less time/fewer resources being used up in credit control!

Scannable and scalable inventory management 

QR code use continues to exceed expectations, with so many businesses using them for inventory management. Our logistics client is no exception, utilising these handy little patterns to tie together all aspects of their stock movements throughout their organisation. 

A newly implemented QR code-based system has enabled them to track products’ movements throughout their warehouse locations and across their vehicle network. Right now, there is no better system for understanding your stock levels and ensuring the right shipments are going to the right place. Long live the QR code!

Digitised trip sheets for a busy logistics company

Anyone who has worked in logistics will be familiar with trip sheets, which have historically been a pen/paper/clipboard system. Times have changed, and systems have grown around organisations, with our logistics client being no exception. 

By digitising their trip sheets, we have been able to link them to their scheduler so the team can now easily reference itineraries and job sheets wherever they are in their day and wherever they work in the business.

As the clocks change and we find more daylight, we are excited to see what our clients bring our way as we continue to help founders and owners make business a breeze.

If you feel like your business could do with some tweaks and twiddles, give us a shout. We’d love to help.


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