Improving cash flow and logistics. All in a month’s work.

We march into spring with a busy few months behind us. We’ve enjoyed several exciting problem-solving projects. There’s no greater feeling for us than tackling business owners’ challenges and ultimately giving them that “Ahhhh!” moment.

Sometimes it’s something as small as a simple software integration. Other times, it’s a deeper dive into their processes. Either way, we always rise to the challenge. Here’s what challenged us this month:


We significantly improved cashflow for a client

A growing client was keen to improve their cash flow as the business expanded, so helped them become more nimble and better protected from a financial perspective. We did this by adjusting their payment model and related systems from ‘arrears’ to ‘upfront’.

Any business owner will know the benefits that something like this can bring, but it’s not always so easy to implement, especially with so many legacy payment systems still in heavy usage. The win here? Vastly improved cash flow and less time/fewer resources being used up in credit control!

Scannable and scalable inventory management 

QR code use continues to exceed expectations, with so many businesses using them for inventory management. Our logistics client is no exception, utilising these handy little patterns to tie together all aspects of their stock movements throughout their organisation. 

A newly implemented QR code-based system has enabled them to track products’ movements throughout their warehouse locations and across their vehicle network. Right now, there is no better system for understanding your stock levels and ensuring the right shipments are going to the right place. Long live the QR code!

Digitised trip sheets for a busy logistics company

Anyone who has worked in logistics will be familiar with trip sheets, which have historically been a pen/paper/clipboard system. Times have changed, and systems have grown around organisations, with our logistics client being no exception. 

By digitising their trip sheets, we have been able to link them to their scheduler so the team can now easily reference itineraries and job sheets wherever they are in their day and wherever they work in the business.

As the clocks change and we find more daylight, we are excited to see what our clients bring our way as we continue to help founders and owners make business a breeze.

If you feel like your business could do with some tweaks and twiddles, give us a shout. We’d love to help.


15 ways a custom web application could benefit your business

Our primary goal when it comes to building custom web apps is to support businesses in their growth, increase their profits and unlock time, allowing owners and employees alike more time to get on with the good stuff.

These are lofty ambitions, but there’s no reason a business shouldn’t be running efficiently in the software, automation and integration age. In fact, this is our bread and butter. We love nothing more than helping a business grow and succeed by solving its internal challenges with technology.

We build bespoke web applications for our clients. That’s right – no off-the-shelf products here. Our clients are all unique, so their software solution should be, too. A bespoke management solution can become a valuable asset and perhaps even the backbone to your business.

Here are fifteen ways that a custom web application could benefit your business.


1. Process automation

A custom web application can automate repetitive tasks and processes. The obvious benefit here is around time-saving, but it can also reduce the risk of human error as well as open you up to opportunities where tasks can be linked together for improved efficiency and productivity.

2. Better data control

If your business is operating large amounts of data, then a custom web application can help to manage, process and store this data more effectively. Doing away with paperwork and manual spreadsheets is not only great for peace of mind but safety and sanity too.

3. Improved customer experience

A tailored web application isn’t all about the back end. A customer-facing application can provide a better user experience, leading to improved conversion rates. It can also present a better way for customers to use or purchase your products and services.

4. Streamlined communication

Many organisational issues are caused by poor communication. A custom web application can facilitate communication through providing internal messaging and collaboration, not to mention a huge opportunity for integration into other areas of the business, such as finance, sales or logistics.

5. Scaling

Scaling a team can be hard. When it comes to hiring, you need to recruit, interview and hire, which can vary in difficulty depending on the expertise you’re looking for. A custom web application, whilst not a direct replacement for employees, can scale to accommodate an increase in workload or user demand.

6. Competitive advantage

A unique web application can give your business a competitive edge by offering features or services your competitors do not have. It can also make you more nimble and proactive as a business, quickly reacting to change or demand in your sector.

7. Integration with existing systems

A well-built custom web app will have been created with integration in mind. Modern-day businesses can use all manner of digital products and services, and the more that can plug into your central application, the better. Integration is one of the most effective ways to unlock profitability and efficiency.

8. Data security

Security has never been more important. A custom web app works well to digitise important processes and documentation that would otherwise be subject to a physical security risk. Of course, digital processes are vulnerable too, but with the right measures in place you can keep sensitive business data safe.

9. Cost saving

As we’ve touched upon already, a custom web application can reduce the amount of hours your business is spending on laborious or onerous tasks. While the initial development of a custom web app may be an investment, the long-term cost savings by streamlining operations can really help your bottom line.

10. Analytics and reporting

Custom web apps provide no end of advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, helping businesses gain insights into their operations and make data-driven decisions. It also creates the possibility of dashboards, which are incredibly useful for operational units, finance departments and sales teams.

11. Accessibility

An often overlooked area of digitisation is accessibility. It’s important to remember that we don’t all have the same ability when it comes to accessing products and services. Custom web apps integrate with tools that ensure your organisation complies with accessibility standards.

12. Flexibility

“Computer says no” is a huge frustration point for many businesses tied into pre-built software. Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, our custom web apps can be updated, modified and adjusted to meet the ever-changing needs of your business or wider requirements in your sector.

13. Monetisation and productisation

Some of our clients provide a B2B service, meaning that the custom web app can be used by their clients. This presents an interesting revenue stream for businesses looking to re-sell the software or charge for access. This is generally a special request, so speak to us if this is something you’re considering.

14. Customer engagement

There is no better way to have your finger on the pulse of your business than by asking for direct feedback from customers or clients. With a custom web app, we can integrate NPS surveys, feedback forms or review functionality, helping you build a better business and a stronger connection with your audience.

15. Regulatory compliance

We’ve saved the best ‘til last. Everybody loves compliance, right? The truth is, that it’s a crucial part of many industries, so it’s important that businesses stay on top of their responsibilities. Custom web applications can be developed with specific regulatory requirements in mind.


The beauty of a custom web app, and the main reason that we love building them so much, is that no two clients are the same. We love to build a unique application that is perfectly tailored for our client.

So whether you’re a large organisation that’s only getting larger, or you’re a small business looking to understand how digital transformation can revolutionise your business, then drop us a line. We’d love to talk.