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Category: Effectiveness

Making good introductions: it’s all about etiquette

We’ve made and received loads of business introductions over the years and formed some opinions about what makes
Person using an Excel UserForm on computer

Build custom business applications in Excel with UserForms

UserForms are an incredibly powerful data capture tool.They are basically boxes which help you ensure that anyone putting
Exporting from the EU to the UK

Automation of customs invoice documents in Excel

We've been helping clients to automate the creation of EU customs invoices and supporting documents, where their existing systems weren't ready for the change.

Home working (and enjoying it): a practical guide

Tips (and mistakes) we learned the hard way. Working from home can be exhilarating. Just don’t get stuck on the hamster wheel.

Thinking inside the box: work inspiration from my cat

Good thinking comes from taking a moment away from the grind, the noise and pressure of our regular environment.
Person using large computer monitor for work

Get larger monitors to boost productivity – get lots of them

If you’re looking to boost productivity, either for you or your employees, get big monitors. Get lots of them.