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Category: Excel

Person using an Excel UserForm on computer

Build custom business applications in Excel with UserForms

UserForms are an incredibly powerful data capture tool.They are basically boxes which help you ensure that anyone putting
Exporting from the EU to the UK

Automation of customs invoice documents in Excel

We've been helping clients to automate the creation of EU customs invoices and supporting documents, where their existing systems weren't ready for the change.
Working on an Excel spreadsheet

When Excel is the perfect tool for the job and when it is not

Excel is a fantastic tool for a wide variety of tasks but, like all tools, it has its limitations. In this blog, we’ll cover those areas where Excel works well and those areas where there are better and more appropriate tools for the job.

Basic Steps To Protect Sensitive Data In Excel Spreadsheets

Mitigating against human error when working with sensitive data in Microsoft Excel.